Thursday, 24 December 2009

White Christmas. Sort of.

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These photos are in my boyfriends back garden, taken after getting home from a stressful christmas food shop. I have never been stuck in a traffic jam in a car park before. One word, Manic. Only one nights wait until i get my new boots from my boyfriend. I'll get some photos up straight away because lets face it, they're never coming off my feet from tomorrow onwards. Its my friends birthday today and I am getting ready to go for drinks. I think the big leopard print fur coat is coming out with me today, it looks freezing out there.
I'm wearing: white shirt dress from my mums wardrobe, belt from chairty shop, jacket from zara and boots from new look.

Monday, 21 December 2009

These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

I was probably a little more merry than i should have been at the Snow Ball but i had a fabulous time non the less. The festive season is well and truly underway now that college is over. My dress was backless and i love the shoulder pads with the sequin detail. Although I have so much revision to do I am hoping this break will be more play than work. Chin Chin.

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Credit to my friend Hannah for these photos. I hope she doesn't mind me using them.

dress; topshop, random jewellry and zebra shoes from Aldo, which arent on the photos. They're my latest obsession.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hot New Wheels

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So I finally worked out how to make my pictures bigger. I think my brain actually hurts from all the HTML language. My boyfriend bought his first car and I was pretty excited to go for a ride in it. We managed to take a few photos inbetween drives around our local area. I have my college snow ball next week and I love my LBD that I've bought for it, I'll try to get some photos on the night, if I'm still stable after lots of wine and fun. In other exciting news, I have had an offer from my top choice; Fashion Buying at Manchester Uni here i come. Just need to get the grades now. Pressure.
Oh yeah and I'm wearing:
dress; H&M
jacket; gift from a friend
tights; Market stall
Shoes; Aldo

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I never thought I would find myself wishing i was gap toothed but who wouldn't be lusting for such a recognisable set of nashers when looking at Lara Stone. She's just so beautiful. I love this photo of her. Who doesn't look great in monochrome? The photo below Lara is Karlie Kloss, another girl crush of mine. Her hair in it kind of makes me miss my red hair, but it was time for a change I guess.
australian vogue

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Slap The Bass

Wow it really has been too long. I've been seriously busy with trying to understand ucas forms and deciding where to go next year. All done now, just waiting for the offers - cross my fingers. I can't belive its this time of year again. I'm so excited to start christmas shopping, even though I have zero present ideas! Although I have few things I want myself. Santa if you're reading...

Morange lipstick;mac
Oversized jumper;Alexander Wang
Biker boots;Dorothy Perkins
beaded beanie;Warehouse

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Stoke up the Fire

Brrr. My house is the coldest its been for ages. I need to start looking out for warmer clothes and investing in jumpers and coats instead of impractical shoes. But whilst we are on the subject I have a new pair of beauts. Zebra print shoe boots with a heel to kill. They are taking pride of place on the shoe rack these days. I have also booked a hair appointment, something that takes a lot of strength from me. They never seem to end well. I have made my decision though, my hair is going two maybe three shades lighter. Brave? Don't I know it.

Hmm. Maybe one more pair before coats and jumpers. These topshop boots have my name on them.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hot for Teacher

I had an absoloultey lush 18th. My boyfriend and my friends bought me such nice presents, I guess you'll probably get too see some of them in future outfit posts. So now i have a bit of spare dollar that i am free to spend on what i want...I'm thinking shoes. (as per.) I have my eye on a couple of little gems. Look out Aldo, I saw your sale sign.

If i could pull a face like this is and still look this gorgeous i would never frown again. I love the spiked shoulders on her top too. I think i have a lipstick that colour myself, maybe i should give it a re-birth. Photo from the cobra snake.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


dress;american apparel/jacket,thrifted/boots;new look
credit goes to my boyfriend. Oh and check out his blog: nnnocturne

Wow, it's been ages since I have been able to do a post. My home computer is
seriously slow. So slow that I get aggravated and usually give up. But it's my 18th birthday tomorrow and I am getting my own laptop so I should be able to blog much more often. I'm also getting this gorgeous jacket from Zara which I can already tell I will become obsessed with. I'll try to get an outfit post of the dress I am going to wear for my birthday meal, it's so beautiful and was such a bargain.

Sunday, 23 August 2009


So pleased with my results. I never expected to get two A's. It has come to my attention that i want, no wait, need a lace bandeau bra. I think I might buy the American Apparel lace one piece. I know I should get it in cream to lighten up my wardrobe but I'm still not ready to shake my black obsession.


source: becauseimaddicted

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

If Money Grew On Trees

I am so taken with this mother of pearl ring from seriouslysilver. I love its chunky appeal. I can't decide if I love or hate the Astro sporty lace-ups from topshop. On first glance I was not keen but now i think i have to have them. It's a love/hate relationship.
I get my AS level results tomorrow so I am pretty nervous. Blogging is taking my mind off the horrid event though. So the next time i post I will know the outcome. I'm keeping everything crossed.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Kasia Fantasia

Oh what a week. i came into a little bit of money which i was definitely ready to spend on a pair of beautiful fringed boots, a black lace top and a dark red bicycle. The long story is long. The short story is as follows. Grandparents are lush.
I have found myself obsessing over the Balmain Fall 09 ready to wear dresses. Christophe Decarnin has done himself proud. The black low V-neck is my absolute fave. Also, it turns out i have an ever growing girl crush on Kasia Struss. Perfection.


Sunday, 2 August 2009

Spean Court

top;H&M\jacket;thrifted\leggings;topshop\wedges;New Look\dragonfly necklaces;pilgrim\other jewellry;thrifted and gifts

Another day out with the boyfriend, exploring a cute block of flats near where he lives. It was nice to go out without an umbrella for once. It's been raining for two weeks at least. Yuk. I bought these wedges a couple days back in the sale and can't get enough of their architectural loveliness. The silver rose jacket is also one of my favourites. I love the velvet trim that probably isn't clear on the photos. I also bought the U-neck dress from American Apparel in black. I guess that will get its debut sometime this week.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

First Glimpse Of Summer

top;topshop/denim cut-offs;DIY/shoes;office/jacket;boyfriends,H&M/necklaces and rings;vintage
Today was the first day this year that i felt i had forgotten my sunglasses when i actually needed them. Heres hoping the weather stays perky. Credit to the boyf for the photos.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Love at First Sight

Shoes ~ office
Bag ~ Alexander Wang

So. I was on my way home from my friends house, via town when i saw them. From then on i couldn't see my life without them. My boyfriends birthday present will have to compromise, but my god they are beautiful. Oh and theres more good news. College is done for the summer, so there should be more posts, including outfit posts. (I swear I mean it this time ) The bag underneath i don't own but feel free to buy it me ;)

Monday, 13 July 2009

All Things New

So I'm not even going on holiday this year yet I have bought another bikini. It's so beautiful though. Also bought a dress in the H&M sale. Its a sort of steel/navy colour with silver studs at the top. I also purchased some PVC esque trousers from Ebay. I couldn't be more excited for them to arrive, they should be here by Wednesday. After my last post and looking at the latest Chanel collection (big big love for Karl Lagerfeld) I had been searching for some like crazy. Should really get cracking on some outfit posts. College has just been getting in the way. Summer starts friday.
Hmm so I am in love with these Elie Saab couture shoes. Actually the whole of his latest couture collection is a dream.
Pretty bad quality ~ apologies :)

Monday, 6 July 2009

PVC Love

I really must find myself a pair of leather trousers, so in love with them right now. Abigail Clancey appeared in this seasons Britains Next Top Model wearing the nicest pair of PVC skinny fit trousers i have seen in a long time. I guess they sparked my obsession. This editorial has merely added fuel to the PVC love fire.
Photographer; Miguel Reveriego

Outfit post coming soon, promise.