Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wide Eyed And Legless

Six exams done, 1 to go. It's been over two weeks since I left college and I have already hit the period where it takes me longer than it should to work out what day it is. Revision is tiring and struggles to hold my attention for longer than 45 minutes so I have been filling the rest of my time with coffee, Internet shopping, Sex and the City and endless hours spent lying on my sun lounger reading books I've stared at but never opened.
Things planned for after my last exam include a day of impulse buying, a wild night with all my favourites to celebrate the end of A-levels and the beginning of the rest of our lives and walking my much missed bike to the repair shop. A job I've been putting off for weeks.
Right now I'm off to procrastinate a little more.
Denim look dress from H&M

Saturday, 19 June 2010

When We Kiss I Feel Nothing

Photographs by Becky

The weathers being so infuriatingly unpredictable, one day will be so warm you don't want to do anything but lie in the grass with a good book or even better friends. But then the next is a day like today, cold and cloudy, making summer seem a million miles away.
These photos were taken in the woods around the corner from my house. Every year this field gets filled with beautiful wild flowers. The poppy's are always my favourite. The clog style shoes are deceivingly hard to walk in. After a few minutes of looking like Bambi on ice, I got the hang of distributing my body weight to stop me toppling forwards due to front of the shoes being rounded up. Note to self: Avoid going down hills in these shoes. Hills and steps.
Everything bar the shoes here are vintage. I love this bodice. I picked it up at a charity shop on a day where I had no idea what to wear that night. The rose detailing, the boning, The cropped length and the velvet back. It was everything I had been looking for and just £1.99.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Courtship Of Mr Lyon

A few shots taken as a welcomed break from revision, which is fast becoming tedious. Two big exams left until I am free from the strong grips of education. Until the beginning of university in September anyway.
In an attempt to keep my brain from exploding from work I have buried myself in episode after episode of sex and the city. It's left me craving a whole new wardrobe filled with classic manolo blahniks and dresses made for nights at expensive restaurants. Although it has highlighted how little effort I make on a regular basis. My style in a few words: Last minute, thrown together mess. Here's hoping one day my pay will match my dreams.
I don't know how this beautiful fringed and studded leather jacket has escaped being blogged. I've had it for months. I found it in a vintage store and swiped it for just £25. Unbelievable, I know. It even came with a little kiss badge on the lapel. The shoulder pads are so big I look like an American footballer in it. It was love at first sight.