Saturday, 17 April 2010

There's Beauty in the Breakdown

Being back at college is as dull as I expected and with exams and end of year looming teachers are becoming less leniant and less patient with every day. 5 weeks to go.

Please excuse the mess in my room in the background of these shots but I am probably one of the most unorganised people you will ever come across. I bet it annoys my mum more than you though. I'm wearing a top from next worn as a dress, vintage velvet fronted shirt, new look wedges, topshop necklace. Assorted rings, including the owl one from accesorize. I should probably start wearing more make up in photos...

I have been in awe of the American flag print shorts from Topshop for weeks and to finally call them my own as of yesterday has put a smile on my face. I'm guessing you will see me in them very soon because I'm not sure I can bare to take them off. I plan to spend my summer days in them, lounging in the garden drinking gin and tonics and reading magazines. Nice. Bought a few other items which I will post more on soon too.
But for now I am off to report on human responses to tectonic activity. Bored already? So am I.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Procrastinating Sleep

A few things I should have achieved during this two week break: a couple of big reports, essays and several hours worth of reading. I am now lying in bed wishing I had another week off to achieve at least half of that. However if I am truly honest with myself, given another week off I would be in the same boat when it was through but maybe my liver would be in a worse condition and my brain cells staying power tested again.
Absoloutey loved the last post from this blog and thought I would show you my favourite shots. Prehaps motivation would be better perscribed than inspiration but I'm yet to read a blog that grips me with its reports on the gothic techniques of Angela Carter's Short Stories. Sorry A-Levels, looks like your stuck on the back burner.

I need that T-shirt. Thanks for posting this fatale femmes.
You guys often ask me about my hair. I don't want to disappoint but the colour isn't natural. I have dark brown hair naturally, but I dye it lighter. I have a determined wish to be blonde but I dyed my hair red for so long that now it goes a muted ginger everytime I attempt it. I could go to the hairdressers and get them to sort it out but I dont have that kind of money so instead I put my trust in various home kits and I never learn.
My wisdom teeth have gatecrashed my mouth and hurt so much. I'm going to attempt sleeping through the pain.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Waiting for my Dreams to Match my Pay

This break from college has been well appreciated but I am now half way through and very behind on the "strict schedule" of work I had planned to get done. I had envisioned myself sorting out my room, getting on top of my Literature reading and dying my hair. Reality is something very different. My roots are getting ridiculous, my books lie untouched and my room would make a crack den seem well kept. I blame this months vogue arriving for today's mismanagement of time. If only there was a closed book exam on that.
Just a few snaps from the night I commemorated by recent good fortune. Of course my Libertines tee was worn in celebration. The passing around of my friends bowler cemented my need for a hat. Its now top of my list.
I'm off to go find out if I still have carpet under all this crap. I think it was blue...
charcoal tights from my mums drawer, shorts from topshop, DIY cropped Libertines Tee and denim shirt from Charity shops.