Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Here's hoping this blog has phoenix like characteristics and is about ready to rise from the ashes. Thought I'd give you patient followers an update.

Sorry about the crap quality photo which my dying laptop won't let me edit for some reason.

I've finished my first year of uni and I somehow managed to get alright marks in the majority of my assignments, despite spending far too much time under the influence. After three months off and achieving very little most days I am excited to regain some structure to my days although early mornings and boring lectures still don't excite me.
I've just moved away from Camden. Now residing in Dalston with the bezza's and wondering how I'm ever going to get any work done next year.
Other news, I'm no longer on the market and still trying to figure out how I snagged someone so beautiful.

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Monday, 6 December 2010


I am up to my eyes in uni work. With only three days till my big hand in date and the day of my presentation I am extremely stressed, something I am not all that good at handling at the best of times. This is my excuse for both my lack of blogging and my current appearance. Come Friday I am free for one month. I am hoping my sanity will have rejoined me by then.
My mother has kindly bought me the dungarees below, unfortunately they have been placed in the same drawer has my epic leather trousers. I feel I will be living in both of these, just as soon as i get my hands on them come Christmas morning.
Its from www.myluca.co.uk I suggest you check out her other incredible vintage wonders.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Blue Blood

More shoots for my housemate's uni portfolio. She heard the good news that she received distinction for all of her work. I couldn't think of someone who deserves it more.
I have been doing so much reading for university work and am starting to get my head round this essay that's due in a few weeks. A couple more books and articles and I feel I will be ready to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys anyway. Gone are the days when an assignment was a half hour job. I never knew how easy I had it during school.
Tomorrow I am heading home to Nottingham for a long weekend. Its going to be so nice to be back. Life seems so much more hectic in London. The thing I am looking forward to most is my mums home cooking. Never thought I would miss it, but it's my main reason for going home. That and alcohol prices which don't leave you broke.
Dear Gin, I'm sorry. I just don't think it will work with me living in London. We can still be friends though and catch up when I'm back in town. It will be like the good old days, I promise.
Yours, Lydia.
Tonights plans? Harry Potter with the housemates. Fabulous.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Girl is Gone

Earlier this week my housemate Robyn and I went to see The Mystery Jets. I haven't seen them for quite a few months and had forgotten how lush they are to watch. The night was spent enjoying plenty of cheap wine fuelling joyful dancing. We had a ball and its got me so excited for XFM's Winter Wonderland gig in December. I'll be spending the next 4 weeks or so speculating who the special guest will be.
I have also finally managed to find a pair of leather trousers that I like. I say leather, I mean pleather, but for just over £25 I cannot say no. They're from Forever 21 and I will be ordering them tonight. Although my bank balance is urging me to put them away for Christmas, my heart says have them now.
Right now I am finishing a few last notes for my big presentation on Monday. Then I'm going to get ready to go meet my friends from home who are in town for the night. Its the perfect end to my working week.

Friday, 12 November 2010

You Wrote Your Number on my Hand But it Came Off in the Rain

Photo credits to Hannah Rose and Robyn Lynch

My housemate Hannah from London Rose studies styling and photography and asked me to model for some of her work. I nervously agreed and after a day in front of the camera she managed to get several shots she deemed worthy of her portfolio. Some of her work included a 70's themed shoot, which is yet to be edited, a mock id cover and a more grungy themed shoot which are both posted above. It was a fun day. Alas I cannot wink (strangely) forcing Hannah to be slightly more creative, allowing my ring collection to take to the stage and become leading focus.

Me and my housemate Robyn, went to the apple store on regent street to watch Jimmy Carr, a favourite comedian and odd crush of mine, be interviewed about his latest DVD. After which we met him and took a photo opportunity. We decided to go for the exaggerated smile look but it didn't quite go to plan, although it looks like Jimmy got the memo too.

I cannot believe how cold it has become these past few days. One minute I was enoying the last of the summer sun, next I am struggling to speak through chattering teeth and coming to terms with the fact that shorts and a thin leather jacket just won't suffice. Seeing as though I haven't got the funds to splash out on a new coat I wore my vintage coat from a couple of years ago. Jimmy said he loved it, so it stays. ha.

Hello to all new followers - you beautiful people.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

It's Too Late

I can tell this weekend is going to be a busy one so I'm enjoying my Sunday evening lounging around before the hectic-ness begins. I have endless amounts of uni work to do and several group meetings for research projects that are under way. Other plans include drinks with a handsome stranger and time spent with the girls i've grown to love here. The week will be finished nicely with a visit to my aunties where I will get to spend some much needed time with the family.
This weekend has been an unhealthy mix of doing nothing and doing too much. Hazy memories of a brilliant party and a chance to attend the Aussie bloggers event thanks to my beautiful housemate Hannah from London Rose. A night littered with limousines, fireworks and fabulous views from the London Eye and plenty of free champagne. It gets a little image heavy from here on in. Brace yourself.

It was a fabulous night shared with some fabulous girls.
The dress I wore is vintage, the shoes are from Asos and my bag is miss selfridge.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Carry On My Wayward Son

I've left so much work till the last minute. I always do it. I never learn. I can foresee the next few weeks being crammed with research which should have been started ages ago. Lets hope there's still time for excursions. Never been one for all work and no play.
Just a couple of quick shots of my hat I spoke about. Wearing an old dorothy perkins top and an assortment of rings which are from ebay and vintage stores.

Ps. How much is a face transplant on the black market these days?

Cause I want to look like Lily
Pictures from Studded Hearts.