Wednesday, 24 February 2010

You Say Y-E-S to Everything

It's lush having Wednesdays off college to regroup and usually catch up on late essays or current projects. I always find the first few days back after a break tiring, getting back into the swing of early mornings and dull lessons takes me a little longer than it should but a night on the town tomorrow should lift my mood somewhat.
I probably should stop wearing nighties during the day but I lost the understanding of whats acceptable a long time ago so I'll continue till i catch pnemonia or the police pull me over for indecent exposure. I love the dainty floral print of this one and think it brings a hint of spring to the drizzley day.
I'm planning to spend my evening deciding what outfit to wear tomorrow night and maybe attempting to transfer all my music from the main computer to my laptop; a task so mammoth I have managed to put it off since September. I could be facing this screen till dawn.
Tights from a market stall, vintage slip, jacket from a friend, and dorothy perkins boots.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Little Bitty Pretty One, Oh what a song.

It's finally half term and I am loving the time off. I have been filling my days with friends, photos and films and my nights with alcohol and dancing. I have bought a couple of new things recently. Firstly my chunky silver bracelet that reminds me so much of a Christmas paper chain and a couple more rings to add to my ever growing collection. I also bought a grey dress with some killer fringing. Dancing in that was pretty magic. Other than that there really isn't much to report so I shall leave you all to lick your lips at the pancakes that me and my beautiful friends managed to cook with a haphazard attempt at following a recipe.
Cleaning up to the Matilda theme really made my day.
I wore a maxi dress that i found buried in my mums wardrobe, jacket from Zara and a hell of a lot of random jewellery.