Thursday, 24 December 2009

White Christmas. Sort of.

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These photos are in my boyfriends back garden, taken after getting home from a stressful christmas food shop. I have never been stuck in a traffic jam in a car park before. One word, Manic. Only one nights wait until i get my new boots from my boyfriend. I'll get some photos up straight away because lets face it, they're never coming off my feet from tomorrow onwards. Its my friends birthday today and I am getting ready to go for drinks. I think the big leopard print fur coat is coming out with me today, it looks freezing out there.
I'm wearing: white shirt dress from my mums wardrobe, belt from chairty shop, jacket from zara and boots from new look.


LoliTa said...

LOVE those rings and belt!

popdisorder said...

we like your jacket! really cute!

veronica<3 said...

awesome outfit.
cute blog
xo Veronica

The Queen of Hearts said...

That's it, I'm adding you to my personal blog roll. I always enjoy seeing what the international fashionistas are up to.

Barbara Frankie said...

immense jacket and lovely blog xx

FashionFollowed said...

i love your jacket!