Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Two of a Kind

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Could not love this picture of MK more. Her hair, her make up, her outfit, those boots. LUSH. The Olsen's never fail to inspire me. Major girl crush. (Rhyme? Shakespeare would be so impressed with my love poetry.) I spend so much time on Olsens Anonymous it may as well be my homepage.
So I went to see a french film this evening called Micmacs, about a homeless guy whose friends have very peculiar talents like being a human calculator or being freakishly flexible. It was loaded with dark humour, short scenes, clever cons and an adorable little love story thrown in for good measure.
I have a reading week next week meaning I'll probably end up reading less than I usually would and drinking more than I usually would. I knew there was a reason I didn't drop English Literature last year.
Oh and Hi new followers. It means the world that you like my blog and all the comments i get really brighten my day.


MOLLYKT said...

isn't she wonderful?
eng lit sounds great, i'm glad i'm taking it haha

Maskenlady said...

Great inspiration, I love her style!

Valeria&Laura said...

amazing boots and she looks great as usual!

Melanie M said...

She is simply amazing! So so so so so chic! Lovely blog, my dear!

Follow please?<3

Ra said...

she could make a trash bag look amazing...

Margaret said...

love the blog
stop by some time! xx

apple said...

I am infinitely jealous of this girl. She is so gorgeous.. and I am with you there, ful blown girl crush alert!

stylestalker said...

cute blog, really like it x