Sunday, 4 July 2010

Educate Me

I wanted to see "An Education" as soon as I saw the trailers but as per usual I only got round to watching it when it had been released. But it was so worth the wait. The soundtrack was beautiful and the outfits were even better. It makes me want to move to Paris, wear pearl necklaces and scrape my hair into a beehive. I thought I'd share some of my favourite screen shots which have left me undecided as to whether to dye my hair chestnut brown or keep going lighter till winter approaches.
In other news, exams are over and freedom reigns. I'm in a routine of staying up late and waking up even later. A rut that is encouraging laziness. Tomorrow may be the day to begin doing something worthwhile. I'll start with attempting to transform an old dress into a playsuit. Despite my A* in GCSE textiles my needle skills are less than impressive and tomorrow will no doubt end in a ruined dress and frustration.
Hello to all my new followers too. Reading all your comments never fails to make me smile.


magdalena said...

I vote for chestnut brown!!brunettes are classy and sexy at the same time!!

lovely mocie it seems!!love the make up and the style of that time!!

Mono S. said...

I saw An Education at the cinema a good three times. My combined viewing total now is probably worthy of worrying about!

It's such a simple story but everything about the little details keeps pulling me back to it. That and being utterly besotted with Carey Mulligan :P

(also I like the chesnut brown idea, but also the idea of waiting for the fall to do it) x

Rianna Bethany said...

I soooo want to see this film!
It looks so good
Rianna xxx

TOPCOAT said...

This film was beautiful, as were the costumes in it!

I love your blog-I am following!

Isquisofrenia said...

so was this movie good? i wanna see too
i need to make my own conclusions too!

Christina Sanders said...

I love that film too! I fell in love with that guy a bit, even though he turned out bad! x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this