Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Acceptance Speech

So I went to an interview for London College of Fashion and didn't hear back for 8 weeks. With 1200 applicants applying for 60 international places and 60 UK places I had ruled myself out and psyched myself into accepting my fate at Manchester, not a bad university by any means. But then yesterday something magical happened. I was accepted and I am going. This in itself made my day, week and life but it was hearing this on top of the news that The Libertines are reforming and performing at Leeds festival this year that has put me into such high spirits, nothing can dampen my mood these days. Please don't die or go to prison beforehand Pete, it would be very inconvenient for me.

These pictures are from the bike ride I mentioned, taken by my beautiful friend Hannah on her film camera.

dress from burska, shirt from a charity shop and the bags vintage.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I'm The First To Admit That I'm Still Pretty Young

Granted, I have been a little AWOL and I can only apologise. My head has been filled with exam results, resit forms and handing in essays and reports that were due in so long ago. My motivation for anything A-level related is at an all time low resulting in 500 word essays that should only take an hour or so taking little over two days to add anything other than the title. Theres only six working weeks left before we are released to study for final exams on our own watch and I am counting down the hours.

Me and my friend decided we wanted to take a bike ride and as if by magic the sun actually made an appearance. The whole day was beautiful and included short dresses, floral patterns, denim shirts, shetland pony petting, my friends film camera and bubblegum ice lollies. It makes me wholly excited for Summer.

These pictures were taken at another friends house and the cats name is Milly. She was being all cute and purring at me. Usually I find her unnerving and unpredictable. She has been known to scratch her owner. But hey, I guess everyones allowed a bad mood once in a while.

The dress belongs to my friend and I am in love with it. The shorts underneath are DIY and the jacket is from Zara - I promise i have skin beneath that jacket, I'll stop wearing it so obsessively soon.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Two of a Kind

photo credit to

Could not love this picture of MK more. Her hair, her make up, her outfit, those boots. LUSH. The Olsen's never fail to inspire me. Major girl crush. (Rhyme? Shakespeare would be so impressed with my love poetry.) I spend so much time on Olsens Anonymous it may as well be my homepage.
So I went to see a french film this evening called Micmacs, about a homeless guy whose friends have very peculiar talents like being a human calculator or being freakishly flexible. It was loaded with dark humour, short scenes, clever cons and an adorable little love story thrown in for good measure.
I have a reading week next week meaning I'll probably end up reading less than I usually would and drinking more than I usually would. I knew there was a reason I didn't drop English Literature last year.
Oh and Hi new followers. It means the world that you like my blog and all the comments i get really brighten my day.